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Nantucket Christmas Stroll
December 10, 2015

The island of Nantucket—known for pristine beaches, its picturesque setting and as a world-class culinary destination—isn’t just for warm weather months. The town of Nantucket transforms itself into a renowned holiday event called Nantucket Christmas Stroll that delights visitors annually during the first weekend of December. Founded in 1973, Nantucket Christmas Stroll lures visitors from the mainland and keeps locals on island for holiday shopping in an old-fashioned New England holiday setting. The town is adorned with an abundance of Christmas trees. Holiday lighting twinkles everywhere. Live holiday performances are staged. Merchants are pleased. Bag-lugging shoppers are smiling. Carolers are singing. Hot ciders and hot toddies are dispensed. The Coast Guard delivers Santa from the harbor at the base of Main Street. Even the golden goose is in attendance . . . distributing golden eggs, of course.

Nantucket Christmas Stroll
Goose that lays and gives the golden eggs

Preparations for Nantucket Christmas Stroll are immense.

The town installs trees in the sidewalk with lighting. The holiday wreath is installed on Brant Point Lighthouse to welcome the ferries. Individuals, retailers and organizations decorate each tree in varied fashions: traditional, whimsical, branded and humorous. The Whaling Museum is transformed into a winter wonderland, filled with wreaths and The Festival of Trees. Retailers stock up on product selections to meet the demand of customers who are looking to check off another “present to give” from their gift list. Stores are decorated to the max. Restaurants that have closed in October re-open for Stroll weekend. Imagine the complexity of gathering employees, cleaning the space inside and out, and polishing every piece of silver, porcelain and glass after an extended closing. How about receiving product, preparing sauces and portioning food items? All this for just one 4-day weekend!

Nantucket Christmas Stroll
Veranda House Entry

Hotels that have been closed since the Columbus Day weekend re-open and are likely filled to capacity. Here at The Veranda House Hotel Collection, rooms and public spaces are cleaned and refreshed from top to bottom just for this single weekend event. The basis for developing Nantucket Christmas Stroll was to entice shoppers to visit and spend. In the end, the celebration is a lovely experience. Stroll is all about shopping, food & beverage, and jump-starting the holiday season with good friends and like-minded individuals who appreciate the attractiveness and authenticity of Nantucket’s festivity. One cannot overlook the sense of pure holiday spirit in a timeless holiday setting where everyone has a smile on their face, and—no doubt—a glass of bubbles in hand and a scrumptious meal in their tummy.

Happy holiday to all, From your friends at The Veranda House Hotel Collection  


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