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Holiday Honeymooners
July 07, 2015

As a boutique hotel on a stunning island we attract a lot of couples ranging from young love, weddings, honeymooners,  and anniversary trips. We love being a part of all of our guests special celebrations and hearing their stories.  The front desk staff, being made up of two 23 year old ladies,  are definitely suckers for a good romantic story. This weekend we had an amazing one that really struck us! We thought we would share:)

The Veranda House had the pleasure of hosting William & Grace Nash this past weekend celebrating their 60 year anniversary... YES 60 YEARS! The Nash's came in from Holmdel, New Jersey.  As I was checking Grace into the hotel she held up her bag and on the canvas tote was an image that looked very familiar. I recognized it immediately as The Veranda House Hotel. They had spent their honeymoon with us back in 1955 when the hotel was then called The Overlook. It was amazing as they pointed out what had changed and what was still similar. They had not returned since 1955 so of course there was a lot of renovations since then. Mr.Nash said " Even though its improved it still retains its original charm ".


William talked about how at breakfast they were invited to help cook with the the Innkeeper Tom, who was short a cook . William being the gentlemen he is, hopped into the kitchen and lent a helping hand. I don't think that guests would be too fond of that today, but hearing these stories really pointed out how much history this property has changed and how many lives our establishment has been a part of. After William was so helpful, he was invited along with his new bride to join Tom and his friend for lunch. Tom asked William to go look into a plastic tub and in it was a 26 POUND LOBSTER!  It had been caught by a friend of Bobs' on accident in a fishing net and although according to fishing regulations he probably should have put it back.....we'll let it slide since we're past the statute of  limitations right?! ;) They made the best lobster salad William & Grace have ever had.


Having William & Grace  stay with us  has been an absolute pleasure, Grace is like the grandmother everyone needs and William is the sweetest man who was made to be a storyteller! During our wine hour I was able to sit with him and have him tell me all different tales of his life and I was just in awe! One of the best parts about working at a hotel this size is getting to learn all about our guests.  Bill Nye once said, "Everyone you will ever meet, knows something you don't". Well it is only the beginning of July and I feel like I have already learned so much! Our whole staff looks forward to learning so much more! To all those looking to spend some quality time with their significant other we would love to exceed your expectations and help you make new memories.

Happy 60th Mr. & Mrs. Nash, The VH Team


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